Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Believe and Prepare Workplan

Exterior Building Work
Masonry Work to Church Exterior (repoint/repair stone) 
Point Brick on Exterior of Lounge Building
Masonry Work on Parish House
$  8,000
Repair Louvers in Bell Tower
$  6,000
Remove and Dispose of Debris in Tower 
$  5,000
Apply New Plexiglass to Outside of Stained Glass Windows 
Scrape, Prime and Paint Front Doors 
$  2,000
Repair Windows in Parish Offices
$  4,000
New Awning over ECS Stairwell
$  8,000
New Awning over Allen Hall Entryway
$  8,000
Subtotal Exterior:   $159,000

Upkeep and Basic Improvements
Sealcoating and Re-lining of Parking Lot
$  4,000
Air Conditioning for Upstairs Dining Room 
Restoration of Three Ranks of Organ Pipes
Exterior Sign
$  7,000
Subtotal Upkeep and Basic Improvements  $31,000

Air Conditioning for Church   $35,000

Basement Renovations
Tear Out and Removal of Debris from Basement 
Start-Up Funds for Finishing Basement for New Ministry
Subtotal Basement Renovations  $85,000

Campaign Expenses   $40,000

Contingencies/Long Term Reserve Maintenance Fund 
Any Funds Raised above $350,000.

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